Will represent Boldenone Mexico in The Bodybuilding World Cup


From the age of 14 Arturo Aguilar knew the world of weights and the gym , he even relates that he prepared for his first competition two months before.

I started it that way just because I had the experience, I was curious and I liked the discipline, it helps you mentally, to have willpower. I realized that I have not eaten pan de muerto in the last three years, he recalled.

During the weekends, the sleepless ones do not matter, Arturo confesses that the exercise begins from 7 in the morning.

«My parents are very proud, my mom is the one who got me up in the morning to do cardio on an empty stomach, exercised with me, they are proud, but they want me to rest, this is taking your body to the limit,» he said.


In just two years of work Arturo has participated in Míster Torreón, Míster México and in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF), in which he has obtained the following recognitions:



Physics and Mathematics are Arturo’s favorite subjects , who is taking the Boldenone fifth semester of PrepaTec in Laguna with a high average.

In high school I am doing well, I like the atmosphere of the friends, I feel that everything is done more together. I like mathematics and physics, it is difficult, but I like to solve problems, logic, he assured.

At the age of 16 and after seeking an international experience, he managed view source to complete a year of his studies in Germany (Bischöfliche Liebfrauenschule Eschweiler), but the goal is set in Industrial Engineering. 

«Now I want to apply for an academic scholarship in professional, I would like Industrial Engineering , because I want to study here at the Tec, I have also thought about Nutrition, but I see it more as a hobby.»

For those CONECTA readers who want to improve eating habits and increase their level of exercise, they recommended starting with a good Boldenone.

«You need an adapted, flexible diet because later if it is a strict one they will do it, but after a month they will no longer want it and training has too many health benefits, they simply must exercise,» he concluded.

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